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CETA demo edit Narrow versionCETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) is an assault on democracy.

CETA is a Canada/EU Free Trade Agreement that would effectively hand the power to control UK legislation over to private corporations and is being used to sneak both TTIP and ISDS in through the back door. CETA will allow US corporations to sue EU governments using their Canadian subsidiaries. Like TTIP it will threaten public services like the NHS and also our food and health standards.

September 25th is the first anniversary of the conclusion of the CETA negotiations. CETA may be provisionally implemented as early as spring 2016 even though it hasn’t been voted on by EU Member States’ parliaments. That’s why we cannot wait to act until CETA’s national ratification stage, we must stop it now!

Guy Taylor from Global Justice Now will speak at 1.20pm on the current state of CETA and ISDS


70 Fleet Street houses secret corporate courts which are already profiting from the misery caused by corporations suing governments under ISDS. CETA will only enhance the power of corporations and secret courts in suing our national governments and overthrowing our democracies.
This Friday we will meet outside the London Court of International Arbitration to non-violently confront and disrupt this corporate coup d’état.

Find out more about the secretive tribunal set up by the City of London which has already made awards of £922 million to negligent corporations against the UK government

At the demonstration there will be activities to get involved with from chanting to reading out a roll-call of the worst ISDS cases.