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June 10th 2015 – North Circular Is Exposed To TTIP!



It was a lazy morning, June 10th 2015. We had decided to do a little something something to acknowledge the European Vote in Parliament about TTIP.

  • The European Parliament was due to vote on a report from the Trade Committee. This tedious sounding procedure had generated nearly 900 amendments in committee stage, with over 100 still to be voted on by the whole parliament this morning. Although the resolution was non-binding, this was the most significant parliamentary vote on TTIP to date – Nick Dearden, Global Justice Now, The Great TTIP Debate That Never Was


From 7.30am to 10.30am the banner did its duty. An estimated 9000 cars drove under it. No police came to ask us to pull it down. We only did because I had to go to work and my friend had plans for the afternoon. It was a two woman job. We had two small ladders, tie line and we had sewn in eyelets.



We sat on the grass and got a sun tan. Its days like this that activism is fun and chilled out.