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14th March 2015 #DropTTIP Banner Edinburgh



14th March 2015 we took the banner to Edinburgh where an impromptu crew (4 days worth of blazing organization by Alice Clack) was assembled with the efficient help of local groups including Global Justice Now, Friends of the Earth, Radical Independence Movement and the Green Party. We had a great day with an enthisiastic and fun crowd and we ended up dropping the banner in 4 separate locations!

The Castle Esplanade


St.Giles Cathedral where our flyers were flying out of our hands.


The Scottish Parliament.

The Salisbury Crags of Edinburgh


This campaign is set to
1) #dropTTIP banner in all 12 constituent areas as divided for European Parliament and send the images to the prospective MEPs.
2) #dropTTIP banner in high traffic areas (off bridges above freeways)

If you are interested in dropping the banner in your neighbourhood and joining this fun campaign we are happy to send the banner to you, on the proviso that the banner is returned!