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11th October 2014 European Day of Action


#noTTIP: European Day of Action

On Saturday 11 October people across the EU took to the streets to say loud and clear: No TTIP!


These were some of the actions in the UK:
Bognor Regis
East Hampshire
London T-TRIP
London Rally
Meon Valley
Milton Keynes


DSC_0432 copy

By Inka Stafrace
Original arcticle here.

Information about the planned actions was illustrated wonderfully on the Stop-TTIP-CETA-TiSA website which promptly crashed on the 10th of October due to an overwhelming amount of hits (220,000 in a day) on this unfunded website ran by three individuals. They managed to get it running again but without their piece de resistance; the interactive map. Unquestionably an overriding success for the movement.

Occupy London played a big part in out-reach and spreading the word and still does about not only, the day of action, but also about TTIP itself. It was a day that we showed anyone interested that we are still here, organizing and participating in the change we want to see. We have worked closely with World Development Movement NGO, who helped finance bits and bobs like flyers and banners etc.


We began the day faced with another demo happening in the same spot! The Kurds against ISIS demo. We negotiated with them and all went smoothly. They occupied one corner … we kitty kornered from them.

38 degrees people came in force, setting up their tables and giving out flyers.

The banner we worked on for a few days took centre stage . Many protesters involved themselves in holding it and thank heavens for that. As organizers we would not have managed without them.

The photographers had a field day.


About 1000 people turned up.


For video of the speeches please go to the Occupy London page where the rest of this article lies!


First day of action on 12th July 2014

There were protests, info stalls and creative actions were held in 20 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland.

In London, 1000 protesters occupied Smith Square outside Europe House, the UK base of the European Commission and Parliament.

This was the video that advertised the event.

EU-US Free Trade Agreement TTIP or TAFTA from Joe Mobbs and Inka Stafrace of Polly Tikkle Productions on Vimeo.


Activists in Edinburgh staged a robot dance-off to force corporate robots out of our society.

Brighton saw a corporations vs people boxing match.

In Manchester, protesters gathered for a corporate puppet show, music and speakers.

If you haven’t already, please send us a report and photos of what happened in your area.

The EU and US want to push TTIP through on the quiet. On 12 July and 11 October, we made it very clear that we’re not going to let them.

But this was just the beginning. We’re building a movement to stop TTIP.

Get involved! Help us plan where next for the #noTTIP campaign at one of our public meetings. Find out more.