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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is the widest known free trade agreement due to tenacious campaigns and focussed attention on it by activists, NGOs, campaigners, numerous bloggers, and the Green Party Group in the EU.


In 2014 other trade agreements, such as CETA and TiSA all came to light due to this attention, illustrating the over-arching neo-liberal economic model being pushed underhandedly onto our countries. These trade agreements will bind all future governments into them. They are specifically aimed at de-regulation giving corporations powers that no government will be able to challenge under any legal framework. This is why they are a threat to our democracy. Multi-national corporations are very powerful particularly when they work together.


The Investment State Dispute Settlement provision in these free trade agreements is of particular concern because it locks in the power of corporations over national governments. Governments cannot challenge corporations using ISDS, only corporations can initiate arbitration against governments. The independence of this judiciary is not obligatory. The ‘judges’ are themselves corporate lawyers whose conflict of interest need not be declared.

In a nutshell ISDS fails on two key elements of acceptable legal proceedings:

1) No equitable access to justice

2) The Judiciary is not independent.

Why should we trust this?

Action #NoTTIP #DropTTIP

There is nothing simple about this battle. The corporations and their lobbyists are powerful, extremely wealthy and well versed in corporate law! We have to do all we can to stay informed of this ever changing landscape and fight it on all fronts.

There are many things you can do to stay informed and to inform:

  • Contact Global Justice Now, War on Want, 38 degrees to join a local group.
  • Alternatively set one up of your own!
  • This site has e-books, flyers, posters, and graphics that you are free to use and spread.
  • Use your facebook page or email to spread the word
  • Print flyers and posters and pop them in your local stores.
  • Contact your MEP or MP and voice your concerns.(Use statistics and resource your claims if possible because many MPs are uninformed and trusting of their party-line.
  • Make your town a NoTTIP zone!
  • Drop a banner!

The battle against TTIP continues. The debate is not in the mainstream media and may never be in the manner that it should be so raising public awareness is hugely important and all our job to do it.  (Shame on you BBC)

No TTIP is supported by a broad coalition of groups